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“Necessity is the mother of invention” is not a cliché but a precept that has been demonstrated throughout history. The romans needed a means of transporting water throughout their empire, so they built the aqueduct. Needing a means of defending themselves without weapons, the Okinawans developed karate. Now amidst a global pandemic, people who wanted to start a martial art have been blocked by dojo closures, so they are looking to train at home. But frankly don’t know how. That “know how” is the subject of this review.

Charlene Roth, founder of, believes in the many protective benefits that martial arts training provides. Believing so strongly in them, she did extensive online research to compile a well-organized list of online resources to assist those who – due to COVID or otherwise – have had the interest to start martial arts training at home but don’t know where to start.

Ms. Roth’s article has a beguiling brevity to it. A short article at first glance, the links provide the reader with scores of pages of highly valuable knowledge. She has organized the links into three logical sections, which I’ll summarize.

Learning Martial Arts at Home. I recently found this full-page back cover ad for a “revolutionary new audiovisual home study course in dynamic karate & kung fu” in a 1976 Sherlock Holmes comic book. I’ll do the math for you, that’s 44 years ago. While the media has changed substantially from a book and a vinyl LP, people haven’t, nor have the benefits of martial arts. Ms. Roth seemed to realize this and selected some exceptional articles to assist the reader in understanding the many considerations for at home training. For instance, the article at Can You Learn Karate from Watching YouTube? credibly provides perspective; in-person instruction is better for most any discipline, but at home study is possible and, most importantly far better than, not training at all. Charlene compiles these articles as a watering hole of information, it’s up to the reader to drink.

How to Build the Perfect Studio. A great set of “how to” links spanning overall considerations for setting up a gym in your house to actually building a budget to do so. While these articles lean toward fitness gyms rather than dojos or kwoons, they are all quite useful at a conceptual level.

Complete Your Gym with Martial Arts Accessories. Probably my favorite section, partially because I am a “gear guy” yet more so because of its utility. Charlene is to be commended on vetting the thousands of websites and articles that are available on the topic of martial arts equipment. How to Choose the Right Punching Bag for Your Workout is magnificent. Few would argue that the punching bag is the most important piece of equipment that a martial artist should own. This article delivers as promised in its title, as do all the others. Charlene was even so thorough that she included an exceptional article Top 10 Martial Arts Equipment Stores Online to assist the reader with the best places online to purchase the gear.

What’s better than an article about martial arts training at home? An article that leads you to 17 separate articles about martial arts training at home. Ms. Roth has provided exactly that. Her article is concise, well-researched, well-organized, and extremely useful. If you have ever considered, or are considering, martial arts training at home for yourself or your child, you simply must take the time to make your way through the links that Ms. Roth has compiled.

Ms. Roth has a singular concern for the universal safety of our children. We are fortunate to live in a world with people such as her who put others before self. Please be sure and visit her website and tell others to do the same.

Now on to her article. Enjoy and happy training!

How to Set Up an At-Home Martial Arts Space

By Charlene Roth, Founder,

Image via Unsplash

If you’re practicing martial arts, there are many benefits to joining a studio led by professional instructors. However, there are also benefits to supplementing what you’ve learned at your studio with an at-home practice. Here’s how to get set up for a productive martial arts practice at home.

Learning Martial Arts at Home

It’s important to research which martial arts style you want to learn. The more interest you have in the style, the more inclined you are to stick with it.

Boxing at home without any gear is as simple as finding an instructional video or guide online and following along. You can also work on your stance and footwork.

How to Build the Perfect Studio

If you plan to transform your basement into a home gym, keep in mind that you may end up spending around $20,000 on average depending on what you need.

Making sure you have the right flooring is crucial when setting up a home gym, as it will help protect you from injury should you suffer a fall.

Here’s an unexpected bonus: Making positive changes to your home can actually boost its value if you decide to sell at some point down the road!

Complete Your Gym with Martial Arts Equipment

Speed bags, free-standing bags, heavy bags -- understanding what you need will help determine what type of bag you should purchase.

Before you rush out and buy hand wraps or gloves, you need to understand what each one does and how they benefit your training.


Having your own martial arts studio is the perfect way to continue your training at home. While it’s great for adults, kids can have fun learning martial arts at home as well, and it’s the perfect solution for burning off energy.

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