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January 21, 2020

“Kata is the sheet music of karate. 

With it, you can practice anytime, anywhere. 

You can be your own teacher.”

      Roy Cadiente, Kyoshi, Founder OCIGK

By Roland Cadiente and Matthew Hemenez

PART I - What is Kata?

Karate people practice kata, kung fu artists exe...

March 6, 2017

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1)   Very well organized website.  Great selection of...

January 23, 2017

Paul "Semtex" Daley secured his win against "Irish" Brennan Ward with an incredible flying knee to the head at the Bellatore 170 on Saturday Jan 21.  If you ever had doubts about the additional power you can get with a flying technique, this knockout will convince you...

December 31, 2016

Wondering how to pick a self-defense tool?  Use the APE test; Accessible, Practical, and Effective.  A self-defense tool that is good enough for you or your loved ones must meet all three of these criteria before being selected as your tool of choice.  

The s...

November 19, 2016

Have you tried kinseology tape yet?  Kinseology tape is a relatively new concept to enhance mechanical body movement and support for performance and/or pain relief.   Think of it as the opposite of compression technology.  Compression technology provides support and st...

October 15, 2016

Here's another of my guerrilla videos (make sure you turn the volume way up to hear the voice over).  This one is about how to make a proper fist.  I have contact with hundreds of aspiring martial artists every year.  Virtually none of them--and I would quantify 'virtu...

October 6, 2016

Here's an intentionally short video on the 5 striking surfaces of the foot.  This really is a primer for a more elaborate video that I will do soon.

Please share this with all beginning students...and with those senior students who take it for granted that they know how...

October 1, 2016

I'm not going to say much about tonight's UFC Fight Night 96 in Portland because I don't want to spoil it for you.  I would just predict too accurately and take all the fun out of it.  Ha.  But I will talk about two of them:

Lineker vs. Dodson--I like this fig...

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I'm a business executive full-time.  I love my work, but my second passion--well it's a way of life--is karate.  I am Chief Instructor, Renshi, 4th Degree Black belt at OCIGK in southern California.  I look forward to sharing with you as I do with my students every day.  

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