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Bruce Lee's Training Program and Training Regimen

Bruce Lee was well ahead of his time in terms of fitness knowledge and focus. He was doing plyometrics before it was even a term, literally. Plyometrics as a term was first used in 1975 and Bruce incorporated them into his training the 50's and 60's. Bruce was conceiving of training equipment and one of his earliest students / good friend / craftsman George Lee would build them long before personal athletic equipment was an industry. Grip strengtheners, dip bars, wrist rollers, you name it. He pioneered the concept that pre-determined fitness training was as important as simply going to class and doing repetition of techiniques and forms. Below is Bruce Lee's personal gung fu training program (Source: Bruce Lee: The Tao of Gung Fu, Tuttle Publishing, Edited by John Little About $13.00 on Amazon). I am passing it on to you as anything from the "just good to know" category to a baseline for your own personal daily training program.


P.S. The "Sand Plate" that is reference in 1b. is literally a plate with sand in it that he would punch into.

"My personal gung fu training program

1. Punching

a. Air punching--3 sets of 50 each

b. Sand plate-- 3 sets of 50 each

c. Hanging bag--3 sets of 50 each

2. Kicking

a. Leg stretching

-Forward stretch--3 sets of 12 each

-Side stretch--3 sets of 12 each

b. Straight kick--3 sets of 12 each

c. Side kick--3 sets of 12 each

d. Kicking form

3. Wooden Dummy

a. The classical form of 108

b. Individual technique training

c. Training in entering

4. Form Practice

5. Individual technique practice

6. Sticking hand training

7. Freestyle practice"

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