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Zero Belly Diet -- Best Martial Arts Diet

I generally don't like "diets." They represent a change to your behavior that by and large is not sustainable. This zero belly diet is not a diet, even though it's called a's the best life style plan that I have yet to uncover, and I have uncovered dozens. The plan simply says that for every meal you need a protein, a fiber, and a good fat (some olive oil, avocados, etc.), period. Your carbs are captured in the fruits and vegetables that you eat in the "fiber" aspect of the plan. The plan also strongly emphasizes the consumption of smoothies. Something that I completely agree with. You can pack so much nutrition in a smoothie, and they are so yummy and filling. You'll see a bunch about smoothies in this BLOG.

I've bought the audio, kindle version of the Zero Belly Diet. Great works! I haven't acquired his other pubs because I have gotten everything I need out of the Zero Belly Diet book, but I definitely would recommend looking at his other works.

Here's the link to the website:

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