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10 Ways to Become a Better Faster Runner

Check out this great article from Outside magazine. Running, still one of the best forms of exercise for overall cardio vascular fitness, is essential to our martial arts training. If you want to be a fit martial artist, you need to run. Just resign yourself to that and do it.

This article is awesome. It breaks down 10 ways for you to become a better and faster runner. And the better and faster a runner you are, the more you get out of each work out. You'll also enjoy it a little more, which helps as well

Note that the article mentions tart cherries. Take note of this, as tart cherries are a great superpower fruit. Note that we are talking about "tart cherries" not your standard red cherries. Tart cherries, grown mostly in Michigan, are mostly found as dried..Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Trader Joes have them for sure. Tart cherries are yummy and a rich phytonutrient (i'll explain these in a different post, but for now, just know that phytonutrients are good). I this article, and do what it says. Being a good runner is good for your martial arts training.

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