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Best Self Defense Tool Tiger Lady

I just had the pleasure of talking to the CEO of Tiger Lady. Tiger Lady is the compay behind the product of the same name. ‘The Tiger Lady’ is an innovative self-defense tool that meets my APE (A)ccessible, (P)ractical (E)ffective criteria for a useful self-defense tool. (CLICK HERE for more about my APE criteria.) As such, I want to share it with you.

You can buy the Tiger Lady at or use my promo code MMABLOG15 to get 15% off at


The Tiger Lady was based on the concept of a cat’s claws. Sharp, retractable, effective. Think about it. When someone is scratched by a cat, what happens? The person drops the cat, the cat runs away, and the person inspects the damage, completely disregarding where the cat went. The Tiger Lady is the same principle. It is a perfectly innocuous device until needed. But when needed, it is used to aggressively scratch an attacker, distracting the attacker to allow the victim to escape the danger.

Its elegance is in its simplicity. In its retracted state, it fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand.

Tiger Claw is optimized for a small - medium sized palm, essentially designed for women. It is very lightweight in spite of its tough construction of high impact polymers.

It passively sits in the palm of your hand, but when squeezed three very sharp claws extend beyond the knuckles. Release your grip and the claws are immediately retracted. The designers even ensured that the resistance of the mechanism is such that small children are not able to extend the claws. (Although, caution dictates to keep it out of the reach of children always!).

Check out the video of the Tiger Lady demonstrated on a watermelon:

It is not practical to carry a lethal weapon around with you everywhere. But it is not logical to be defenseless either. The Tiger Lady solves this problem. It is a non-lethal device that can be carried with you anywhere. In your pocket. In your purse. In your brief case. While you are jogging. Walking to your car. In uncomfortable situations where your safety is of concern. Anywhere, anytime.


  • The claws have a structural channel that doubles as a DNA collector. If ever necessary, you have irrefutable proof of the attacker.

  • A corollary to the above point, is that the Tiger Lady will leave residual injury on the attacker, providing irrefutable proof of the attack.

  • Tiger Lady is deceptively simple. No skill is required to use the Tiger Lady.

  • You do not have to see the attacker to use it (unlike pepper spray that requires a direct line to the face).

  • Did you know that pepper spray has a shelf life? After 6-months, it may or may not be lethal. The Tiger Lady will be effective in 100 years, literally.


According to the executives at Tiger Lady, the system is 100% legal in all 50 states. It is NOT a knife. It is NOT knuckles. It is NOT a stabbing device. Sitting on a table, most people won’t even know what it is. Yet another reason to have the Tiger Lady with you at all times; you can and should carry it with you anywhere.


You can buy the Tiger Lady at or use my promo code TGRLDY15 to get 15% off at


The Tiger Lady team invested significant time, resources, finances, and care to develop this product. They have a sincere interest in providing a tool that will contribute to the safety of law abiding citizens.

I strongly recommend that all women should have a pair of Tiger Ladies. I’ll be doing a few videos on this product in the future and will be incorporating its use into my self-defense classes. So, check back soon for more about this fantastic innovation.

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