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Applications of The Tiger Lady Self Defense Tool

Last entry was about the Tiger Lady self-defense tool. Here are is a brief application discussion of it’s use.

It’s all about scratching. In my self-defense classes to woman, I remind those who have nails to use them. Emphasizing that the goal of self-defense is not to go toe-to-toe with an attacker but to escape.

If someone has a grip on you, scratch the face to loosen their grip, attack with one more strike to a soft target -- like a kick to the groin or a hammer fist to the bridge of the nose--then run like heck. In 99% of instances, the attacker will not pursue. You’re too much trouble. It’s too much hassle. Attackers feed on helpless victims. If they know you are going to fight back, they’ll find someone else who won’t.

The above is the context for the Tigerlady, except that its scratching lethality would be effective on any part of the body, not just the face, making it that much more effective.

Jogging—I recommend carrying two tiger Ladies when jogging. Or, if you run before or after sunset, a very bright flashlight in one hand and a Tiger Lady in the other. If someone approaches you, shine the flashlight right in their eyes (they won’t move toward you if they are temporarily blinded) to assess friend or foe.

Parking Lots—before leaving the building, put your keys in one hand and your Tiger Lady in the other. DO NOT wait until you get to your car before pulling out your keys, and DO NOT leave your Tiger Lady in your purse. When you are safely locked in your car, then and only then, put the Tiger Lady back in your purse.

“Dark Alleys”—hopefully you are smart enough to never enter a dark alley. I am using this term more generically to refer to other environments that are shady and cannot be avoided. Just like a parking lot, before going on foot into this environment put the Tiger Lady in your hand. You are now in what I call a “red zone” which requires you to be mentally prepared, assuming that something could happen. Without being paranoid—which is not a good state of mind—maintain a keen sense of awareness…who’s behind you, who’s in front of you, cross the street before passing a group of people. All this aside, the Tiger Lady is ready for you in a split second if you need it.

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