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Video: Gracies joke about United Airlines scandal. Defense against being dragged

This is not a political site. I'm not here to make opinions about events in the news. But I will point out topics and comment on martial arts related relevancy. Regarding the recent incident in which a passenger was physically dragged from a plan because he would not give up his seat...I will say that the passive approach that Dr. David Dao took in this no-win situation, was probably the best approach. But it does beg the question, "What would you do if you found yourself being dragged by thugs?"

Well, the Gracies answer this question in the video below. Never mind the United Airlines scandal incident, this video simply serves to show just how talented the Gracies are and how effective well-executed jiu jitsu BJJ can be.

Here's a great article about the situation and the Gracie parody

Here's a link directly to the video

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