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Best Martial Arts Teaching Concepts Best Karate Teaching Teaching Advice: Natural ability vs. Dev

Wisdom from Roy Cadiente, Kyoshi, 6th Dan, Goju Ryu

Usually I tell my students that they already have a natural instinct or ability to protect themselves. It is inherent in our DNA. We as humans are wired for survival, and most everyone has the instinct for self-defense. Their skills are a natural talent; they just do not know it because they are not tapping into them. That’s what Karate, boxing, and other martial arts training does. Martial arts training refines these skills. Oddly, when one becomes proficient in their defensive skills they find that their best defense is realizing that they do not have to use the physical skills as they learn to walk away from trouble or physical aggression.

This is something that we teach to all of our young students, but it is equally applicable to adults. Most karate or martial arts people understand the concept that the best way to win a fight is not being there in the first place. In walking away, you ensure a sense of security; the person who walks away has a security or secure feeling, then no one gets hurt and most of all a serious consequence is avoided. In a physical encounter one may come out a winner, however both are hurt, and in the true spirit of martial arts, this is to be avoided.

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