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UFC 96 What To Expect

I'm not going to say much about tonight's UFC Fight Night 96 in Portland because I don't want to spoil it for you. I would just predict too accurately and take all the fun out of it. Ha. But I will talk about two of them:

Lineker vs. Dodson--I like this fight because of Lineker. He's never really gone the 5-round distance, but I think tonight he may be forced to do so, and I think he's going to step up and make it happen. Everyone knows that his defense is stronger than his offense, and in this case it will earn him a win.

The other fight that I am going to pay particular attention to is Josh Burkman vs. Zac Ottow. This is the experience and old age vs. youth and skill. Burkman (29-13-0) has been since 2003 in some capacity whereas Ottow (13-3) is the relative FNG (That means "The New Guy" for those of you not familiar with the term). Experience aside, burkman isn't a super start, giving Ottow a fighting chance to win. That's why I'm interested in this fight. It will really be a matter of who wants it. Who TAKES the win; and those are the fights I like to watch.

Here's a complete run down by Luke Thomas

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